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Authentic Storytelling

“Tell me a story.” That’s what we love to hear most at Paul Long Productions.

Today let’s talk a little bit about our new website design.

The new website design has alot of things going for it to tell you the best story about what we do. It’s mobile-friendly, with more videos, easy navigation and not too much text. We’ve added little touches of animation here and there, plus we’ve included screen-filling pictures from some of our favorite work.

Our goal is for the website give you the most authentic vision of our talents, values and work ethic – a showcase for our Authentic Storytelling.

For more than twenty-plus years, Paul Long Productions has brought compelling and award-winning storytelling to virtually every type of communications medium.

It still comes down to what the story is. Find the best way to express it in style, words, content and pictures. Then, we work all of that appropriately into the right mediums to connect compellingly with the audience.

Discover > Create > Connect. It’s what we do.

We love stories – let’s get started by telling yours.