Paul is a third generation journalist and “storyteller.” His grandfather was in newspapers (Scopes Monkey Trial) and his father was a radio news executive and anchor (Kennedy Dallas Motorcade and ’68 Democratic Convention). For Paul, it started as a career in television news eventually as a reporter in a major television market.

That exposure from a young age taught Paul how to never lose sight of telling a good story. And with audiences today being very savvy and demanding, his authentic and compelling storytelling ability, no matter the subject, medium or venue, has never been more needed.


For the past twenty-plus years, Paul Long Productions has brought compelling and award-winning storytelling to virtually every type of communications medium. As Paul states, “It still comes down to what the story is. The best way to express it in style, words, content and pictures. Then work all of that appropriately into the right mediums to connect compellingly with the audience.”

To execute simple and ambitious and groundbreaking productions, Paul Long Productions taps into a huge extended family of top professionals in the creative and technical arts. Customizing a team of people with the ideal experience and expertise for that effort.

That has been a simple and very successful approach which has exceeded expectations for large and small clients, in multi-medium campaigns, videos and events. High-concept to simple and straightforward.